May 22, 2009

Senior Graduate

I decided that Easton and I make a great team. He could seriously be the next top model. I would show him where I wanted him and what I was thinking and before I could even say my next sentence he was up where I needed him looking fabulous. This was so AWESOME because it allowed me to play and be really creative. These were just a few of my favorite. There are so many that I love! I hate having to choose.  






Congratulations Easton!

When I am in need of a male model, I am giving you call! Thanks for being so fabulous!

Also, stay tuned because I photographed two other male seniors this same day......

can't wait for you to see them......

1 comment:

JulieD said...

These are FABULOUS! I love every single one of the photos with the fence in it. It adds such texture, depth, and that awesome grunge effect, you know? Great job!