November 13, 2010


I have a few changes coming up so please check back with me often so you can stay up to speed. I will be launching my new website shortly and with this new and improved site I have a few changes with my pricing and packages which I am totally excited about!! I have a new proofing site that takes affect the first of this month, so any shoots this month will be on the new site, but any shoots before November 2010 will still be on the old site.

I am booked for 2010, and starting to schedule 2011. So if you are interested in January pictures please email me. January is cold, but is probably one of my fav months to shoot because there is SNOW, (most of the time) and I love pictures with fun scarves, mittens, and SNOW......did I mention I LOVE snow!?!

My first 5 people that book for the year 2011 weddings or families will receive a 10% discount! Yahoo!

Like I said, check back with me for more offers and updates!

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