December 13, 2010

3 months old

I know I should show you what shoots I am currently working on, but I couldn't resist sharing these with you. I just love my son so much and love taking pictures of him. Its also a good reminder that you can get your own babies pictures done at any time, not just at birth. Babies change so much and what better way to treasure those moments but with a fun custom photo session. My goal is once a month, but you can do every six if you like. If you want a package rate to do something like this let me know :)






Amy said...

seriously adorable, I love that tie!! And, I added you to my blog again, I think I did the right address, let me know.

MJ said...

Wow! He's so cute! The blanket he is on looks so warm and comfy! I don't know if you got my email, but let me know as soon as you can, I know I've had tons and tons of false alarms and I've been trying to get married for a year and half now, but if you could seriously be our photographer I'd be so happy! If not, just let me know :( I'm just anxious to get everything set in stone!