February 8, 2012

welcome to my studio

I am so excited to show this gorgeous room to you. This is were I get to meet and play with your little babies. I love to be creative in this room. Men have their garages, some women have a craft room and mine is my studio! This studio has been a working progress for that past year and to me it's not done, but are any projects. Eventually I want to get a ton more canvass to show off all my cute babies and children that I have been able to photograph, but for now I have my blue frames that I want for my bedroom. 


changing area for your baby and a few of my many props



I have so many ruffles, headbands, hats, crowns and MORE!


I am also now offering accordion albums. These gorgeous 3x3 albums are perfect for you to have on your coffee table and grandparent gifts. They come in a set of 3 for $65 (thats less than $25 a gift-SCORE) they are custom and magnetic so you can put them on your fridge or as is.


NOTE: My studio is available to rent. 
Please email me if you are interested. 



Claire White said...

you are so talented! I love this studio space! miss you!


Kendall said...

I am so jealous!!

Kendall said...

I want one! that is so cute! I would love to come and see it in action

Shelene said...

simply beautiful. no timeline as of yet, but we will for sure have another one and can't wait to use such a great space with an AMAZING photographer!

Jeralyn said...

I love it! So creative and full of life. Would totally rent your space if I lived closer :(